All guests and vendors are required to enter and exit the 43rd avenue gate only.

Residents and emergency services are the only ones authorized to use the 5th St gate, with RFID tag also no trailers permitted through 5th St gate due to width.

Limit giving your personal access code to trusted friends/guests only.

Form At-100 is used to setup gate directory, issue personnel gate code and or RFID tags for vehicle access.   

Gate Form AT-100  Residents Access

Please email forms or request appointment at john.vicenti@gmail.com 


Regular vendors (such as landscapers, cleaning services, pool maintenance) are assigned codes that allow them access from 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday with no Saturday or Sunday access. If you have a regular vendor that does not have an assigned code please have them contact Pam Rogers to fill out AT-200 vendor access form showen below.

Vendors or subcontractors who need temporary access (such as moving vans, repairmen, plumbers, painters, electricians, cable services) are to be given the following codes based on the month in which entry is needed.

The form AT-200 is used for vendors request for Gate code or RFID tags.

Gate Form AT-200  Vendor Access

Please email forms or request appointment at john.vicenti@gmail.com

Open House

The 43rd Avenue gate may be opened each Sunday from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m. to accommodate real estate open houses. A gate code has been posted at the keypad at the 43rd Avenue gate.

Residents can also make a request to have the 43rd Avenue gate opened when a large volume of vehicle traffic is expected to ease traffic flow. The request must include the date, opening and closing times, and be made to the Property Management office with sufficient notice to enable the request.




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