Refuse Policy

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Refuse Disposal Policy




Refuse is collected in Arbor Trace one day a week. Household waste, lawn waste and recyclables are collected on Tuesdays. The presence of waste containers and lawn debris is unsightly but necessary. To minimize the number of days waste is present at the curb, the Board of Directors has adopted a Refuse Disposal Policy.


Refuse containers and lawn waste shall not be placed at the curb until the evening prior to a scheduled pick up or the morning of the pick up. And, in accordance to the Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Reservation and Restriction, containers must be stored in a way that they cannot be viewed from the street and must be returned to storage at the end of the collection day.



Approved January 29, 2009/ updated 2015 for Waste Management’s pick up schedule



Ralph Bender – President



Donnie Sumner – Member



Sam Golladay – Secretary/Treasurer



Tony Gervasio – Assistant Treasurer



Carl Mosher – Member

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